"Back to Your Heart"
"Many of these songs were rehashed and rehearsed in Toni's living room in Berkeley.  We remember the gigs,

the jams, the ecstatic moments of impromptu music that fell around us as friends came by to sit in - Richard Greene,
Bruce Conner, Jeffrey Cain, Michael Rossman, Pete Berg, Carl Dukartz, Larry Wilson.  Here we pass on to you
a flavor of our nostalgia in hopes you'll remember those good times in the same joyful spirit we do."

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sc 1 - Studio Recordings
 Love is just a 4-letter word (Dylan)
Midnight Blues (tb) LISTEN
Don't forget me, love (tb)
Sometime (tg)
He's comin' home tomorrow (tb)
Look back (tg)
Good king (tg)
Trippet (tg) LISTEN
Dream blues (trad)
Song for silent wings (tb)
This old life (tg)
How deep the dark (tb) LISTEN
Summer fire (tb)
I've made up my mind (tb)
Flying Saucer Blues (tb)
Yatata (tg)
Song in blue (tb)

Disc 2 - Live in Berkeley Concert, 1972:
Bad luck (Jefferson)
Humpty dumpty (tg) LISTEN
Castles (tb)
If some god (tb) LISTEN
Dancing couple (tb)
Brownsville/Mockingbird (Lewis, tb, tg, trad.)