Awesome--the Joy of Cooking is alive and well--on disc.

Terry Garthwaite and Toni Brown have just released a lovingly assembled assortment of live
and previously unreleased studio recordings in a double CD package, entitled "Back to Your Heart."
 This CD package highlights the passion of live performance that brought the band national acclaim
and an enduring fan base, and chronicles the early beginnings of the Joy sound. Disc One begins
with the intimate bare-bones sound of the voices, and moves through the development of the band
and the flowering of the music. Disc Two romps through a joyous live concert, then concludes with
a back-to basics contemporary live recording of Terry's "Harmonizered" vocal.

The Joy of Cooking was a Berkeley-based band of eclectic musicians who made infectious music
in the late 60s and early 70s. The sound is rooted in the voices, the songs, the music of its two
women members and driven by a propelling, innovative three-man rhythm section. 

The SF Chronicle's Jon Carroll described the band as "a remarkable rock and roll band, half ballads
and half boogie, with a driving rhythm section fronted by two swell women, Toni Brown (a smart,
crafty songwriter who could evoke sentiment without sentimentality) and Terry Garthwaite, who
sings like an angel with dirty wings."